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Something about biltong:

Tracing it’s roots back to South Africa, preserved (cured meat), before refrigerators and freezers, indigenous people needed a way to preserve extra meat for future meals.

The 17th century European settlers who arrived later saw the benefits of having a stock supply of food. The curing method changed over time, ingredients of vinegar, salt and pepper added to the meat-curing mix.

For the long journey they needed food, something portable, something non-perishable, and something with sustenance, biltong was the perfect solution.

This marked the humble beginnings of biltong, now one of South Africa’s favorite snack, and now we added our spin on it and created smoked biltong. Smoked biltong, lightly cold smoked for 4 hours with manuka and then dried to perfection.

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Smoked Biltong $65 per kilogram – Please Note that the biltong side of the business is not yet up and running, we will post on social media the official opening date – watch this space!!!